Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cool Style Selection for Twitter Counter

Another free service by, spoiling you with selection of styles to display Twitter Counter (to display total number of your followers). Of course, another possibility by using the service is the more often your website have hits, the higher chance your Twitter profile will be pushed on "Hall Of Fame" on website.
Thus is a good way to improve visibility and popularity for your website and possibility to increase new followers to your Twitter account.

For Google Gadget, you can add it here:

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For other social network plugins, Joomla, Wordpress, even simple generated HTML code, you can visit directly.

Twitter Web Email Signature by TwitHut to increase popularity and visibility

You have blog, you have Twitter. You need a way to keep in touch with your followers even in the emails you have sent out ?

One way is to use Twitter Dynamic Web Email Signature by
It let you to display your latest twit post with cool image as background on your blog/website and even can be attached as part of email signature.

Since it is always generated dynamically based on latest posted twit, all old emails which you have sent out and kept by yours followers/members/friends with always have the latest dynamic generated signature pulled directly from your Twitter account.

The more users loaded your signature will mean you have higher chance to be listed as one of top TwitHut user (Hall Of Fame), hence increase populariy, visibility and possibility increase of followers to your Twitter account.

Isn't it cool ?

Give a try for Google Gadget here.

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For other social network plugin , Wordpress, Joomla or simple HTML code to be embeded, you can visit directly.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iBook - a guestbook social network for your Blogger

Why should U join iBook Network without even need to consider ?

Just to make it short for you, the concept of iBook social network is:

  1. To enhance your existing website or personal blog with more interactive feature for your visitors and start to build you own social network through them by building links together and benefit you and them all together.

  2. Hava heard about Link Building, Link Baiting, Network Marketing? You can think of iBook Social Network indirectly is remixing those features to legally improve your website and personal blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  3. You can say iBook Social Network is: a new mixture of guestbook, comment system for your website & personal blog's article, social bookmarking or online bookmarking system (such as:, Digg, Reddit, Furl and so on) for you to build your own social network on the Internet and to improve popularity of your website, personal blog, CMS and even to integrate back to some of those popular social network through pre-generated HTML code snippet and widget which easily can be installed to your web site, personal blogs (Blogger, Wordpress, Live), social network (Facebook).

  4. Since iBook Social Network's concept is with network building through referral (YOU and your network member), you can expect an exponential growth of N levels to be exptected from your own network or sub-network.


How it works:

  1. New visitors or your regular visitors and members can sign (comment) on your iBook through your website. The more of them sign on your iBook, the more often your website & personal blog will be listed on the frontpage of eShiok - iBook Social Network directory together with other website & personal blogs.

  2. New member can register to become a member with iBook Social Network and if it is referred through your iBook Network then this member's iBook Social Network will be under your network.

  3. Your iBook Social Network link will be shown on their iBook network. The higher traffic to your direct member's iBook network or indirect member's iBook network, the higher the chance visitors and other members will be visiting your iBook network and your website or personal blogs.

  4. With its easily to install HTML code snippet to other social network or blog publishing tool (Blogger, Wordpress, Live and so on) , CMS (Joomla) and through Widget button for on-the-fly installation to Blogger, Facebook, Wordpress and others, you can expect your network to grow faster exponentially and on the same time to enjoy incoming traffic to your website plus SEO improvement for Search Engines.

Give it a try now and start to build your own social network:

  1. Register for a new account now (you will land iniGoogle Gadget's iBook -> click Home -> click Register) . If you register through this link, you will maintain your website with iGoogleGadget's iBook network.

  2. Activate your account by clicking on Activation Link sent to your email mailbox and you can login after that.

  3. Click on iBook and on My Menu click on "HTML & Widget":

  4. Easily you can copy and paste the HTML code into your website or personal blog or social network.
    Or simply if you have iGoogle Page, you can add MyiBook Gadget directly by clicking this instant button:

    Add to Google

  5. You can also customize the layout and the skins you want to use on your website (in a future there will be more skins added so you can change your iBook Widget at any time you wish to).

  6. Current release also provide you with automatic installation to Blogger (if you have one, your iBook Network installation will be more easier) by only clicking on "Blogger Widget".

  7. Wordpress, Facebook, Live, Friendster and others, don't envy because we are working hard right now to provide you with the same automatic installation but as for now, you have to do by copy and paste above HTML code.

Do not wait, start now !!!

Do not wait and start to build your own network now. If you do not do it today, probably tomorrow one of your friends or other website you got stumble on will refer you to the same link. Start now and have fun together :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Addicted Bubble Shooter Games

Title: Addictetd Bubble Shooter Games Gadget

cool to install on your iGoogle or Google Page Creator.

Click Add Google button below to install on your iGoogle :

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Google Instant Multi Languages Dictionary Gadget

With one click away to install this cool iGoogle gadget, you can show off your personal website with online dictionary that supports multi languages translation (English,Dutch,French,German,Greek,Italian,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Chinese Simplified,Chinese Traditional,Japanese and Korean) in 2 directions of translation.

Clik Add Button below:

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Cool Digital Clock iGoogle Gadget

Title : Cool Digital Clock iGoogle Gadget

Interested to have ?

Just click on the Add iGoogle button: